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Laraine NewmanJimmy don't need no cheats!

Sorry. Jimmy DOESN'T need ANY cheats.Rebecca Feldman, Liz Feldman& Jay Reiss showing off their stuffThe Enforcers (Comfort counselors)- Eric Edelstein and Brendan Connor

Dianna Agron waiting for her word
Dave EggersSpike and Jimmy spell a word in unison. Incorrectly. J Ryan StradalDave EggersBonnie Chau of 826LAUsing one of the 'cheats'Dave and Dianna watching the beeTeam Bad RobotThe final 2-Cat Vasko & Dianna AgronYepThe final 2Spike, Dave. Dave, Spike.Top 3 spellers- Cat Vasko, Dianna Agron & Corey ChanDianna with her fansDave Eggers signing away
A Spelling Bee for Cheaters- Featuring Spike Jonze, Jimmy Kimmel, Dave Eggers, & Dianna Agron